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Carlos Rio - The expert!

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Carlos Rio is our bird expert, a guy with an impressive sense of humour and a professional nature and wildlife photographer. He has the time and the spirit to focus solely on biodiversity and you will feel his passion regarding nature and birding during your tour with him!

It all began many years ago, when he started to spot some birds through the window of his house, only to realise he was sitting in one of the richest and more diverse spots for birdwatching in Portugal: Cávado’s River estuary and the Northern Littoral Natural Park.

His passion grew since then and now he is an expert of the local flora and fauna.

With several collaborations and works published you will not want to miss a day with him!

Carlos Rio Works and collaborations:

  • Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds birdwatching guide;
  • Quercus Coordinator (National Association for Nature Conservation) Working Group on Nature, Environment and Documentary Photography.


Works and collaborations:

  • Blog Author: www.fao-natural.blogspot.com;
  • Blog Author: www.avesemportugal.blogspot.com;
  • Book Author: “Fão Natural… Património Natural a Preservar no Parque Natural do Litoral Norte”;
  • Book Author: Quercus Field Guide: “Aves do Estuário do Cávado”;
  • WEBCAST Program Author “Natureza Espontânea”, focused on nature and wildlife photography;
  • Writer and photographer on several birding websites and magazines;
  • His photographs are featured in several exhibitions;
  • He’s been a jury member in several photography contests;
  • As a trainer, he takes part in workshops and lectures on nature and wildlife photography.

Ricardo Brochado

ricardo 300x168Ricardo is a funny and retired archaeologist (already!!!) that knows Porto’s and Esposende’s surroundings as few do.

Enthusiastic for everything that is new, he has a passion for birds and he is learning from Carlos Rio all their secrets. He´s main responsibility is to keep you out of distractions and providing everything you need to have a quiet and pleasant day.

He will make the pick-up and the drop-off at your accommodation and manage the meal times and the restaurant so that you don´t have to worry about anything else than watching birds and have fun!


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