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Esposende é um verdadeiro Privilégio da Natureza!

Rui Pereira"Esposende é um verdadeiro Privilégio da Natureza! O Birdwatching é um produto estratégico para o desenvolvimento do turismo de Esposende. Ao longo dos últimos anos a aposta em infraestruturas de observação, em plataformas informativas, na participação em feiras promocionais e na valorização do território do Parque Natural do Litoral Norte são apostas cada vez mais consolidadas e com resultados visíveis. A North Birding Tours é um parceiro privilegiado na concretização destes objectivos, fruto do seu posicionamento, organização e dinamismo".

Rui Pereira, Vereador da Câmara Municipal de Esposende.

The Beginning

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Birdwatching is a passion for us and Parque Natural do Litoral Norte our favourite place to do it.
It’s a huge privilege to be able to host on our mother land people from all over the world that share the same passion about wildlife observation and photography, in Cávado’s estuary and the remaining area of Esposende county.
In an one day tour we show the gracious and beautiful wide variety of birds that are a constant in this area and we combine it with the delicate and tasty local gastronomy in Fão, a village with hundreds of years that always surprise national and international visitors.
We grew. We were an egg, then a hatchling and now we can say we are a youngling bird sure of our wings.
That’s why we are rebranding; keeping the same philosophy, the same spirit, but going further and better.
North Birding Tours was created with a lot of courage and passion, but without knowing our prospective visitors and the full potential of the area we work with.
First we lost Oporto because it’s old fashioned, and mostly because we operate with clients staying in Porto and the North of Portugal.
Then we skipped Birdwatching  because it’s very difficult for us, portuguese, to spell. Birding it’s easier and worldwide accepted, connecting us to more and more people.
North Birding Tours it’s our new name and domain, showing that we learned a lot and we’ll keep learning with our clients, friends and, of course, the birds.
All the achievements require a certain dose of sacrifice and help so, we have to thank the main responsible for the growth and evolution of our company.

Esposende County – They have been a great support to Birds and Birdwatching. An example for other counties in Portugal.